What We Accept

Currently Accepting

We accept donations of working items in good quality in the following categories.


  • 10 years old or newer
  • Must be in working condition
  • Must have all parts

Building Supplies

  • Drywall, Plywood, Pegboard, OSB
  • Framing Lumber, Trim, Molding
  • Sheet products must be at least 4'x4'
  • Framing Lumber must be at least 6' long
  • All sheets and lumber must be free of rot, water damage, nails, and warping.


  • Cabinet Sets
  • Single Cabinets
  • Cabinet Doors and Hardware
  • Countertops depending on size and weight
  • All cabinets/countertops must be free of water damage, mold, and damage


  • Interior Doors
  • Exterior Doors
  • Antique Doors
  • Doors must be free of water damage, rotten wood, and damage


  • Complete boxes of tile
  • Complete boxes of hardwood flooring
  • Complete boxes of laminate flooring
  • Used Flooring (if area is at least 100 Square Feet with no nails)
  • New Carpet
  • New or Used Rugs
  • All carpet and rugs must be clean and free of odors, rips, stains, and tears


  • Upholstered, Wood or Metal Furniture
  • Mattresses and Box Springs
  • Must be free of rips, stains, or tears
  • Items must be broken down and ready for transport


  • Flat Panel TVs
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Video Games
  • Audio Equipment
  • CD Players
  • Radios and Stereos
  • Computers
  • Printers


  • Interior and Exterior Fixtures
  • Light Fixtures must be complete with brackets
  • Light Globes need to be free of cracks or damage
  • Ceiling Fans (Must be assembled)


  • Plumbing Hardware
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Faucets
  • All plumbing items must complete with all hardware

Other Items

It can be tough to figure out what category the items you want to donate are in.

If you have an item you want to donate but you aren't sure if we will take it, just give us a call at (540) 891-5009. Our ReStore Staff will gladly help you out.

Not sure if your item will be accepted?

Currently Not Accepting

Some items are not sellable. Due to high handling and disposal costs, we can not accept the following items. This list applies to both truck pickups and drop offs.

  • Entertainment Centers/TV Cabinets
  • Desks
  • Gas Appliances
  • Tubs (Jetted or not)
  • Vanity Cabinets (48" or bigger)
  • Vanity Sinks without Cabinets
  • Ping Pong/Foosball Tables
  • Clothing, Bedding, and Curtains
  • Cribs, Car Seats, and High Chairs
  • Ceiling Fans and Brass Light Fixtures
  • Fluorescent Tube Lights
  • Dishes, Pots/Pans, Silverware
  • CRT TVs
  • Water Softeners
  • Shower Doors
  • Valances and Used Blinds
  • Particle Board Furniture
  • Double Vanity Sinks
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Frameless Mirrors and Glass
  • Commercial Doors
  • Window Sashes
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Medical Equipment/Chair Lifts
  • Pianos
  • Pool Tables
  • Garage Door Openers

List is subject to change.