Deconstruction Program

Don't Dump, Donate with Deconstruction

While Habitat for Humanity is known for constructing affordable housing for those in need, we also do the reverse. Our Deconstruction program is the selective dismantling and salvaging of building supplies for the specific purpose of recycling or resale in our ReStore. This program generates income for building new homes in the community while giving items a new lease on life and out of landfills.

Lower your project costs with the increased savings of lower removal fees combined with a tax deduction on your donated materials and items. These donated items help fund the affordable housing we build, and keep reusable materials out of landfills. Whether you're planning to remodel a kitchen or taking on the challenge of a whole building demolition, residential or commercial, contact our Deconstruction Manager to find out how the ReStore can save you money.

The Process

Once you contact us with a potential deconstruction, we begin the following process.

  • Our Deconstruction Manager will visit the site and perform an assessment.
  • An estimated fee for the removal of salvageable materials will be provided.
  • Our experienced Deconstruction crew will begin removal or all material and items to be donated.
  • The donated materials and items arrive at our ReStore to be resold at great prices to the community, funding our mission.
  • A tax receipt containing a itemized list of salvaged materials and donated items will be provided.

Questions and Concerns

Interested in volunteering on deconstruction projects? Questions or concerns about the deconstruction program? Please contact our Deconstruction Manager who will be more than happy to assist you.

On The Job